Christmas Tree Assembly Instructions

Your tree will come with these assembly instructions but we have put them here too in case you need to refer to them in the future.  The tree is easy to assemble and take apart.  You may need two people so one can hold the pieces as you put the tree together.

There are three pairs of ‘leaves’ and one star.  Each pair of leaves interlock together with hooks located on the spine.

The different leaves are identified by notches on the spine near the top of the tree. 

Take the leaf with 1 notch and the leaf with 2 notches and interlock their hooks so you have a flat panel.  This is where you may need another person to hold the panel.

Take the leaf with 3 notches and hook facing up and push the leaf through the slot that runs up the spine of the tree.  Hook the leaf with 4 notches onto it.  Your tree should now stand up by itself.

 Take the leaf with 5 notches and hook facing upwards and push it through the slot that runs up the spine of the tree.  You may have to hold the leaves already in place apart to fit it in.

Take the last leaf with 6 notches on the spine and hook it onto leaf 5. When all six leaves are in place, push down on the top of the leaves to make sure the tops are even and all locked together

Lastly insert the star into the top of the tree and decorate it.

To dismantle the tree, remove the star and then pull up on a pair of leaves to release the hook.  You may need to lean the tree over a little and give the leaf with the downward hook a gentle tap on the floor to release it.  Once you have removed the first leaf the tree will come apart.

Pack the tree away and use it year after year.